My tattoos

So here’s where it all begins, What are my tattoos and what tattoos do I plan on getting in the future.

Current tattoos:

For starters, I have; script saying “enjoy the little things” written across my collarbone, I have a Dragon Koi on my left inner forearm. I also have a black and grey half sleeve on my right forearm consisting of a tall ship and a lighthouse, and an anchor on my right hand between my thumb and forefinger. To round current tattoos up I have “free soul” written across my knuckles.


Future tattoo plans:

As for the tattoos that I want and you can say have planned out will be a full leg sleeve on my right leg consisting of Traditional Polynesian Tribal done by the bamboo tapping method.

I plan on finishing my right sleeve with some more black and grey work to go with the nautical theme I have.

As for my left sleeve, I’ll have a Dragon on my upper arm that matches the Dragon Koi and a Cherry Blossom Tree.

For my ribs I will have a copy of every passport stamp I get as a tattoo and preferably I’ll get that done in every country I get the passport stamp.

The list goes on and on.

I have to say one of my favourite lines with reasons for getting a tattoo is if you are one to treat your body like a temple then why not decorate the walls.