About Mike!

Hi there, My name is Mike. For as long as I can remember I have always had the itch to travel and view the world. I have always wanted to as a bucket list item fill my passport and to experience the world for everything it has to offer.

I see a lot of travel style blogs and a lot of tattoo blogs but I have yet to see them combined and that’s what I would like to bring to you, whether it be showcasing tattoo shops or artists to just various travel destinations.

I have never been one to enjoy the tourist traps I always found that I enjoyed venturing to the less known and the local hotspots. Yes as fun as the whole tourist traps are, there are just so much more to see and experience and that is the goal for this site. As well as to “review” tattoo shops and artists across the globe.

Well, I hope you find this website not only informative but interesting as well.